Applying to Grad School


I was asked how I chose what programs to apply to. If anyone wants to add anything, please feel free!

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This is an AWESOME synopsis. I would add, CATER TO YOUR STRENGTHS, just gloss over your weaknesses like they dont even matter. And I agree, be mindful in how you apply. Please dont just apply to a school bc u always wanted to go to Harvard. 

I didnt know what I wanted to do specifically as well, I just knew I wanted a PhD in a field that supported MDs (bc they need all the help they can get). I applied to like 20 different undergrad research programs, got into 2, and the one I attended, I went to the same place for grad school. And I did similar to scigeekalicious, except I was very superficial about it and tailored my “interests” to the cute profs, or profs that looked like they were nice, lol. In hindsight, maybe not the best idea, but, hey, you gotta trust your gut sometimes, lol. 

Oh and my resume and grades were awesome, and so with my profs help, I had a lot of funding. But like scigeekalicious mentioned, he wasn’t graduating people. And I def had a hard time trying to get out.

Everything in this analysis, spot on!

And grad school is a game, lots of stuff going on in the background. Esp when it comes to accepting applicants. Like, its not a science and its not a meritocracy. The science world has its “cool” kids, and the more you fit into that box, the better your chances. I call it, the Nerd’s Revenge.